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Wednesday, September 30, 2015 marks Women’s Health & Fitness Day, an effort in the US to promote the importance of regular exercise and healthy, active living for women. As a company focused on the outdoors and active, healthy lifestyle, we’re pleased this day has garnered so much national attention, it will soon be turning into a week! You can go here for more information, and click on the photo below to see a gallery of some of our best healthy, active women’s lifestyle imagery!

A woman stand-up paddle boarding in Lake Tahoe, California.

This Just In: Denis Dailleux’s “Egyptian Desire”

"Egyptian desire". Two women in head scarves stand together and look at the sea from behind a short stone wall, Cairo, Egypt. © Denis Dailleux / Agence VU

There is just something special about Agence VU photographers and the way they portray the world in which they document. The photography can be gritty, unorthodox, beautiful and charged with emotional impact. Its core is photojournalism and the stories that they document are often heavy hitting. Aurora is honored to represent a large collection of Agence Vu imagery, now over 22,000 pictures. To see the collection, click here.

To see more stock photography by Denis Dailleux, visit Aurora Photos.