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New Images for September

Shadow Of People On Football Pitch During Night Time Temperatures are cooling down, but things are heating up over here, with an air of competition to our new images for September! There's the story of a 750-mile boat race from Washington to Alaska, and a longboard slalom competition in Moscow. We've got athletes hardcore training with weights and CrossFit, or running outdoors to stay in shape, and excitable fans at a soccer match in Brazil. Continuing around the world, we've got imagery from volcanoes in Indonesia, epic landscapes in Banff, mountaineering in Iceland, rock climbing in South Africa, snowboarding in Japan, and intense battles with wind in New Zealand. See all of the best in outdoor living and exotic travel, plus secret underground tunnels,  free diving at night in Lake Tahoe, and some spooky images in time for Halloween in this month's curated gallery embracing the outdoors:  http://www.auroraphotos.com/result?webseries_id=14734