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New Images for January

A man stands on the edge of Cecret Lake and shines his headlamp into the sky towards Devils Castle. New year, new images and new photographers! 2016 starts off with action packed days, exotic adventures around the globe and some fun ways to keep your "get fit this year" resolution in the outdoors. From oyster beds in Vietnam  to night skies over Yosemite, zip lines near Marrakech to rock climbing in Armenia, paragliding near Geneva to dogsledding in Minnesota, our photographers were everywhere! There's fly fishing, trail running up a mountain, celebrity athletes, a road trip in Namibia and Spain with new contributor Sergio Villalba, avalanche rescue, SUP and whitewater rafing in the Grand Canyon, skiing and welcoming a new addition to one contributor's family! See all this, and Santa delivering presents on a dirt bike here:  http://www.auroraphotos.com/result?webseries_id=14734

This Just In: Chico Sanchez Captures “The Angel”

A Flamenco dancer, or bailaor, performs in the Tablao Flamenco El Cardenal in Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain. © Chico Sanchez
Chico says: "I tried to illustrate "the angel" or "duende" of Flamenco, as Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca called it. As a child in Andalusia, old folks told me about how "the angel" or "duende" presents itself in Flamenco and that everyone could feel it when it arrived. They perceived a spiritual oneness, like a trance."

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This Just In: Marcos Ferro Shows His Love

Mexican rock climber Isabel "Chere" Silva climbing kraken (5.12b) at the Actopan Cave, Hidalgo, Mexico.
A few years back, Marcos celebrated the completion of a big project with a large scale photography exhibit that profiled athletes across many disciplines. The idea was to pair up an action frame next to a portrait of the featured athlete. This rock climbing image was paired up with a portrait of Isabel, side by side. This particular frame is part of a set that features a fun little love story as its foundation. Marcos says: I first met Isabel during a photo shoot and little by little beyond that first meeting we fell in love. Now we are thinking of taking the next "big move" and getting married. After many shoots in many locations together, this place, the Actopan Cave is one of her favorite spots. And that is the most important thing for me as a action sports photographer, that the athlete feels confident where and with what it is being photographed. Isabel Silva is the first Mexican woman to climb a 5.13 and has now successfully completed 15 5.13 climbs.

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