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Aurora Photographers Win Big in PDN’s Great Outdoors Contest

PDN just announced the 2016 winners of The Great Outdoors photography contest in categories including Action/Adventure, Landscapes, Beaches/Underwater, and Wildlife/Insects. Open to both pro and amateur shooters, The Great Outdoors contest celebrates the beautiful vistas, diverse wildlife and adventure that make our planet so unique.

We’re excited to share that several Aurora photographers, which we entered into the contest, were selected as winners in 3 out of the 4 professional categories including Sean Naugle who won the Grand prize in the Professional Action/Adventure category.

Our first place winners included Paul Zizka in the Landscapes category and Sergio Villalba in the Beaches/Underwater category. Chris Schmid and Chris Ross were also selected as winners in the Action/Adventure and Beaches/Underwater categories. Additionally, 3 more of our photographers, Adam Clark, Krystle Wright and Alasdair Turner won with their own independent entries in the Action/Adventure and Wildlife/Insects categories, respectively.

Although it’s always a challenge to select only a few pieces to submit from our photographers’ great body of imagery it's also extremely rewarding and validating to have their fantastic work recognized on such a big stage by a wide variety of  judges.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Check out our photographers' winning imagery below and browse the entire winner’s gallery here.

Grand Prize Winner: Sean Naugle

Professional kiteboarder Matt Thames catches huge air in the backcountry near Fairfield, Idaho.
Professional kiteboarder Matt Thames catches huge air in the backcountry near Fairfield, Idaho.
First Place Professional, Landscapes: Paul Zizka
Ice climbing under the aurora borealis in Athabasca, Canada.
Ice climbing under the aurora borealis in Athabasca, Canada.
First Place Professional, Beaches/Underwater: Sergio Villalba
A woman ducks under a wave.
A woman ducks under a wave.
Winner Professional, Action/Adventure: Chris Schmid
An aerial shot of a surfer, captured above Brazil's Praia Mole beach in Florianopolis.
An aerial shot of a surfer, captured above Brazil's Praia Mole beach in Florianopolis.
Winner Professional, Beaches/Underwater: Chris Ross
Offshore fishermen catching sailfish and dolphin fish in the waters off Guatemala
Offshore fishermen catching sailfish and dolphin fish in the waters off Guatemala
Winner Professional, Action/Adventure: Adam Clark
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa descends the Neacola Mountains in Alaska.
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa descends the Neacola Mountains in Alaska.
Winner Professional, Action/Adventure: Krystle Wright
Steph Davis ascends The Joker 5.12d near Moab, Utah.
Steph Davis ascends The Joker 5.12d near Moab, Utah.
Winner Professional, Landscapes and Wildlife/Insects: Alasdair Turner
A crack runs across the surface of the Ross Sea in Antarctica
A crack runs across the surface of the Ross Sea in Antarctica
A weddell seal in a breathing hole in the sea ice of the Ross Sea, Antarctica.
A weddell seal in a breathing hole in the sea ice of the Ross Sea, Antarctica.

New Images for January

A man stands on the edge of Cecret Lake and shines his headlamp into the sky towards Devils Castle. New year, new images and new photographers! 2016 starts off with action packed days, exotic adventures around the globe and some fun ways to keep your "get fit this year" resolution in the outdoors. From oyster beds in Vietnam  to night skies over Yosemite, zip lines near Marrakech to rock climbing in Armenia, paragliding near Geneva to dogsledding in Minnesota, our photographers were everywhere! There's fly fishing, trail running up a mountain, celebrity athletes, a road trip in Namibia and Spain with new contributor Sergio Villalba, avalanche rescue, SUP and whitewater rafing in the Grand Canyon, skiing and welcoming a new addition to one contributor's family! See all this, and Santa delivering presents on a dirt bike here:  http://www.auroraphotos.com/result?webseries_id=14734

New Images for November

An athletic girl stretching on a bridge.

October and November are months of transition, and our recent images reflect that. For some, it's a transition from warmer days to snow and cold, and making sure they get in every single possible beach day, outdoor run, wave to surf and cliff to jump. For others, it's about getting in better shape and finding the motivation to be as physically fit as possible, through strenuous outdoor activities or grueling feats of strength in Crossfit. For one photographer, it's an expectant wife and the possibilities of teaching the child the joys of nature. There's also the destruction caused by the pine beetle, an aftermath of the rising temperatures, and the scientists working to counter this voracious invader. Or, if you'd prefer, we also have personal adventures and exotic journeys, the Volvo Ocean Race in France, friendly manatee encounters, incredible aerial landscapes, climbing galore, dogsledding, urban chicken raising and high-lining. There's even an event where people sleep in hammocks on a highline in the Dolomites!

And if you want to skip ahead to the wonderful white world of the winter, who are we to stop you? All this can be viewed here: http://www.auroraphotos.com/result?webseries_id=14734

Their Favorite Winter Pics

Aurora's contributors are a rare breed, always willing to go the extra mile to capture an amazing image. They thrive in the winter, a season during which many give up on the outdoors and stay inside, sipping hot cocoa and catching up on TV. We wanted to get to the heart of why Aurora photographers connect so profoundly with the harsh conditions and stark beauty of the coldest of seasons. So we asked our photographers to choose their favorite winter image and tell us why -- here's what they said: Airborne skier flies above clouds

"I've skied Mt. Adams in Washington 50+ times, and there's always a risk, either from chance or the failure to recognize dangers. And on this day, I almost got wiped off the North Face by an avalanche. I had climbed the North face North West ridge and halfway up decided to turn around because it was getting too warm. Suddenly, a wet slide was triggered a few thousand feet above me (on a route we had just skied the day before) and came down, missing me by inches. It was only about 20 feet wide, but it was heavy snow and was going very, very fast on a very steep slope. It was a scary moment." - Jason Hummel


"Mont Blanc is the most famous peak to ascend in the Alps. For me, this image shows how the mountaineers put their lives in the service of the mountain." - David Santiago Garcia

Underwater Iceberg, Antarctic Peninsula

"I've spent years photographing glaciers and ice on six continents, but this is one of my favorite images. It's shot from a small zodiac inflatable boat in Antarctica, and captures so much of the graceful lines and cold beauty of the massive icebergs there." - Paul Souders

A man ice climbing a frozen waterfall through a sandstone arch in Utah.

"This unique frozen waterfall, in a remote area of Utah , rarely forms ice solid enough to climb. You have to hike in a ways to find the frozen falls, which keeps the crowds away. " - Whit Richardson

Two people are climbing a frozen waterfall in Sounkyo Gorge, Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido, Japan.

"The combination of people enjoying adventure sport in a spectacular landscape is what photography is all about for me."  - Andrew Peacock

A snowboarder soaring in the air at sunrise in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Lake Tahoe, California.

"I've been snowboarding most of my life and this image always reminds me of the freedom you feel when you launch into the air on a perfect powder day in the backcountry." - Rachid Dahnoun

Moonbow, Lake O'Hara and surrounding mountains, Yoho National Park, Canada "It had snowed all day at Lake O'Hara in Yoho National Park, a beautiful park in the Canadian Rockies. After the sun set, it cleared and I went outside. A full moon had risen, and because of the icy particles in the air, a moondog or paraselene was visible. I had often seen a sundog, but I had never seen the moon variety before. It lasted for several minutes before more clouds appeared." - Peter Essick Snowfall at Cradle Mountain National Park.

"I went into Cradle Mountain National Park, in Tasmania, with this specific idea: to shoot a pandani plant lit with warm light against the blue cold snowy scene." - Heath Holden

Big mountain skiing in Haines, Alaska "I love the vertical symmetry of lights and darks. I love the shadows on the left that mimic mountains, pointing towards the skier. I love the fly-on-wall perspective, along with the speed evoked by the flying snow left by the skier's wake. And the skier… that’s Seth Morrison, far and away one of skiing’s bigger-than-life legends for the past 2 decades. It was shot in Haines, AK, via helicopter access. It just feels as thought the stars aligned on this one." - Gabe Rogel A snowshoer taking in a wintery scene

"This picture taken in Mammoth Lakes, California, is of my brother from Texas, snowshoeing for the first time. It’s my favorite because it captures the wonder and majesty of being out in a snowstorm, when the snow muffles all sound except the crunch of your steps and the quiet patter of snowflakes on your jacket. ."  - Dana Felthauser

Grand Tetons, Wyoming

"This image of the Tetons was a look at an old friend in a new way, a position a bit more north than I had seen before. The breaking storm gave the black and white image an even more commanding sense of the balance of the mountain." - Joel Addams

See more of our photographer's favorite winter images here: http://www.auroraphotos.com/index.php?module=result&webseries_id=17499

New Images for September

Hiking White Mountains We've got all the running, basketball playing, hiking, climbing, cycling, motocross racing, skateboarding, surfing, exploring, outdoor relaxing and watermelon-eating-while-on-a-southwest-USA-journey you could want! For those excited about the shift towards colder temperatures, we've got skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing and alpine survival. Or perhaps remote travel and exotic adventures is more your thing.  We've got that too. Click here to see what else we've got, in our new images for September gallery: http://www.auroraphotos.com/result?webseries_id=14734