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This Just In: Buddhist Monks in Taiwan by Matthew Wakem

Buddhist monks pray and meditate at the Dharma Drum Mountain Monastery, Sanjie Village, Taiwan. © Matthew Wakem

This image shot by Matthew Wakem is visually stunning and arresting. Its graphic elements of human vertical lines punctuated by dots interspersed between each figure keeps the eye moving throughout the image searching for more, yet still satisfied at the first glance.

Matthew says, “Capturing this photograph was one of the most favorite moments of my career. My assistant and I arrived at the monastery the night before and got up at around 4:30 am. When we first arrived at the scene, some monks were just finishing up their morning meditation. After they were finished, lines of monks started to walk through the doors and arrange themselves as you see them here. They then proceeded to chant the most sublime and ethereal mantras for about an hour. We shot from a balcony above them non-stop for the duration of the chanting. I have a very strong interest in Buddhism. It’s always a profound pleasure when photography gives me access to places that are of interest me, but that I would not otherwise be able to see.”

To see more work by Matthew Wakem, visit Aurora Photos.