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New Year’s Resolutions

Smiling Athlete Woman Relaxing At Crossfit Gym The beginning of the year is a natural time for self-reflection, for looking back on the fond memories from the year that was and thinking about our desires and hopes for the year to come. It's a blank canvas, a wealth of possibilities, potential infinitum, and most importantly a chance to make lists! It's never fun looking back on the list, realizing you never gave up sugar or called your sister weekly, so this year we asked some of our photographers and Aurora staff what their resolutions for 2018 are. Jen Magnuson A lot of resolutions sound like the person is punishing themselves; I've found it easier to stick to mine when they're things I enjoy. Often, they are things that if I didn’t resolve to make time for, they might get swept up in all of the “shoulds” of every day life. . . I should clean behind the fridge.  I should organize the garage.  I should go grocery shopping.  So, I approach resolutions like a mini bucket list. . .  In 2018, I want to learn to: alpine ski, climb rock and ice, mountain bike, and play the guitar I bought eight years ago. I want to  travel more, to Moab, Telluride, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon, and work my way through a list of books I want to read along the way! photo courtesy of Brian CardinalNatasha Shapiro Starting in February, my partner and I will be moving into our vintage Toyota camper and will be hitting the road full time (scary and exciting, we can't wait!). Having a vintage vehicle for our home has been stressful -- there's always new quirks that we're learning about and it's slower than most -- but it's been an excellent lesson in learning to be okay with change. Our resolution for this year is to focus on patience and slowing down. Being from NYC, we often find ourselves rushing around in a GO GO GO mentality, when we should really just take a step back, take things one step at a time, and just breathe! (photo courtesy of Brian Cardinal) Nate Adams, Aurora Photos My New Year resolution for 2018 is to practice mindfulness on a daily basis - Mindfulness of my own inner mental and physical sensations, mindful observation of my immediate environment, and empathetic non-judgmental observation of other people’s words and actions. I intend to start slowly - by bringing myself into a mindful state with intention just once a day, for a few minutes. Ideally, this practice will be something that starts to self-perpetuate and become second nature. But I’m starting small and manageable. From what I understand, that’s the key to getting resolutions to stick. Man Standing In The Middle Of The Alaska Highway During Sunset Ben Girardi A couple of my New Years resolutions are: To wake up for more sunrises and get out for more sunsets, to plan better, and to be more efficient with my time, so I can maximize the time spent out shooting and adventuring around the mountains. Karl Schatz, Aurora Photos Eat more rice.

Chris Kimmel It's really important to get outdoors more with my family -- road trips to new locations, camping and paddling trips -- to connect with each other and with nature. To hike with my two-year-old son; I'm planning to get him up to a couple of true mountain summits this summer. And finally, it’s time to drop the “dad bod” and get back in shape. I am aiming to run two times a week (as soon as the ice melts).

Front view of adult man working on laptop while sitting on moving walkway in airport, Oakland, California, USA

Woods Wheatcroft To put myself out there in the marketplace even more and push my vulnerability, in order to create new connections in the industry. Then, I can go old school and show a printed portfolio!

Larry Westler, Aurora Photos This year, my goal is to get outside more to try new activities, to push myself further out of my comfort zone, and to challenge myself.