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When winter hits, our photographers disappear. For three months, all of our emails get an auto-response: “Out of office, skiing / snowboarding / ice-climbing / chasing yetis / making badass snowmen, will get back to you after my hot cocoa.” So it seemed only fitting that the latest Instagram contest for our photographer community centered around the cold. Winter is the time of year most people hunker down indoors, but our photographers (and their dogs) embraced the frigid temperatures, battled some extreme conditions, and came back with fantastic images. Kudos to the winning photographers: Staff Pick: Dave Brosha 
Peace. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories by @davebrosha
Most Popular: Sean Naugle
Zion the pit mastiff learning to survive in the snow. By @rockninjasean
Larry's Arbitrary Pick: Matthew DeLorme 
Bringing in a herd of bison is no easy task, especially when it's negative 15 degrees out. Zapata Ranch, Colorado. By @mdelormephoto
Below are just a few more of our favorites. You can check out all of the contest images and keep up with our photographers on their amazing adventures by following us on Instagram.