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This Just In: Beach Bypass by Woods Wheatcroft

Little girl on a beach looking through binoculars while a four wheeler speeds by on the horizon. Mexico © Woods Wheatcroft

Woods says: This frame was captured on the beach in Baja with my daughter. She likes to style herself. We brought binoculars to look for whales and pelicans from the beach. So while she was looking around with the binoculars a local passed by on a four wheeler. It seemed to create a spontaneous juxtaposition, the two subjects converging having very little to do with one another. Even their spatial relation to each other suggests very separate worlds.

I would say over the years my eye has become tuned to capturing spontaneity--often with an ironic and humorous twist. I can't say I go out looking for spontaneity (you can't really), rather moments happen and I have started to see them just before they happen enabling me the opportunity to click the shutter.

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