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Personal Project – “Handmade”

As attention spans continue to shrink and the cult of the instant gratification grows exponentially, material possessions hold less meaning, and no longer tether us to lands visited or memories. Cheap charlatan goods are everywhere for our pleasure, and we consume them with reckless commercial abandon. It's in this culture that Joe Klementovich found an inspirational antonym, and pursued a project around these artisans that create handmade crafts.

In a time of trade wars with China, border walls being built and sanctions being placed, it’s nice to find refuge in the studio of an artisan: a good old fashioned workshop, piled with sawdust, paint cans and scraps from long done projects. Time seems to slip away once you get inside one of these sanctuaries. In New England, there is a long and proud history of making things by hand, from scratch. For me, this project is a way of getting back to that history and appreciating the skill and effort it takes to create something from hand.

I think the first artisan I photographed was Fred Dolan. Fred carves birds from blocks of wood and makes them look real by the time he’s done. Since then I’ve been able to join jewelers, sculptors, boat builders, blacksmiths and others in their workshops. The latest was a fiddle maker in Northern New Hampshire who can tell you where each tree came from for all of his fiddles. Truly handmade.

You can see more of Joe's work on the Artisan project, as well as other projects and campaigns, at https://www.klementovichphoto.com/Artisans
Mike Pease, one of the two brothers that own Pease boatworks in Chatham, MA, working on a repair of a peapod.
The thoughtful hands of Fred Dolan, marking the high spots of his swan.