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Andrew Peacock’s Photos of Trapped Shipped Featured in National Geographic


National Geographic is featuring the photography of Aurora Photos photographer Andrew Peacock in their article “Beat Pictures: Photographer Trapped Aboard Antarctic Ship.” The M.V. Akademik Shokalskiy, a Russian research vessel, became trapped in ice off the coast of East Antarctica on Christmas Eve.


On December 9th, 74 passengers of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition left New Zealand in route to East Antarctica for a month-long scientific expedition. The scientists, media, and students aboard the ship visited sites first seen by Australian explorer Sir Douglas Mawson’s team a hundred years ago. Peacock, who is a freelance photographer based in Australia, joined aboard to document the trip and, given the current situation, is also acting as Expedition Doctor and trying to keep people calm. His photos, which are attracting national attention, capture the massive amounts of ice engulfing the ship, but also the crew in their daily routine, the students and researchers gathering and reviewing data, and the arctic wildlife and scenery.



To view the story on National Geographic, click here

To view more of Andrew Peacock’s photos of the trip, visit the Aurora Photos website here

Aurora Photos Mourns Loss of Nicholas Mevoli

De ja Blue freediving competition, Grand Cayman Islands

De ja Blue freediving competition, Grand Cayman Islands

Aurora photographer Logan Mock-Bunting’s pictures of freediver Nicholas Mevoli were published in the New York Times for a story about Mevoli’s untimely death during a freediving competition in the Bahamas. Mock-Bunting had been photographing Mevoli for several years and the two men had become friends. Aurora Photos sends our deepest condolences to Mevoli’s friends and family. For more information about Nicholas Mevoli and to read the story in the New York Times, click here

To see more work by Logan Mock-Bunting on Nicholas Mevoli, click here

Tyrone Turner for TelEmergency

Aurora Select Photographer Tyrone Turner recently shot and produced a multimedia piece about TelEmergency. In 2003 the University of Mississippi Medical Center launched TelEmergency, which links ER doctors in Jackson, Mississippi to nurse practitioners and patients in 15 rural hospitals via live interactive video feed.

To view Tryone’s portfolio, click here.

Aurora Remembers 9/11: Katja Heinemann

Photograph by Katja Heinemann

I photographed the collapse of the Twin Towers from Jersey City’s harbor, just across the Hudson River from the World Trade Center. After the first tower had fallen, I briefly went home and saw what I had just witnessed reproduced on TV. I sensed that my experience of watching the South Tower fall was being supplanted by the repetitive, numbing loop of imagery on CNN, accompanied by the pundits’ analyses of what it all had to mean.

I arrived back at the harbor just as the second tower fell. By this time, evacuation efforts had begun and people were being ferried across the river to safety. A young woman, in shock, covered with dust, told me about seeing people jump from the towers to their deaths. Her testimony brought home how removed I felt from what was happening across the river.

Like many others in Jersey City, I had been on my way to Lower Manhattan when the attacks occurred. We were unable to cross into the city that day. All afternoon, as the Manhattan skyline burned, people came to the waterfront to take in the sight. For the first time since Pearl Harbor, an act of war and destruction, of outside aggression, had been visited upon America. Yet although we were eye witnesses to the events unfolding in time, separated from the scene only by the width of the river, there prevailed a sense of detachment that suspended onlookers in a strange limbo on this beautiful early fall day.

The following morning I was one of maybe three people who managed to get on the first – and only – passenger ferry into Manhattan.

Photograph by Katja Heinemann


On September 11, 2001, Katja Heinemann had just moved to the NYC area from Chicago to pursue a career as a freelance photojournalist. Today she is living in Brooklyn and works on long term documentary projects while shooting reportage, portraiture and multimedia assignments for American and European clients. She joined Aurora in 2003.


On the 10 year anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, Aurora Photos published a series of essays on our blog by Aurora photographers and staff who were in New York, Washington, or Pennsylvania on that day, or covered the events of 9/11 in the days following the attacks.