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New Images for August

Milky way on dark sky over person climbing on rock, California, USA

Happy August! July was a celebration for blueberries, nation wide, but unfortunately, August is the dreaded month-before-school-starts. Skip all those annoying back-to-school commercials and check out some visual inspiration with us instead!

Our photographers (and a plucky red squirrel) got in their vehicles and traveled around this month, bringing you images of kayaking and mountaineering in Banff and snorkeling in St. John, a safari getaway with lions, zebras and rhinos (Oh My?) in Namibia and surfing in Indonesia, tourist destinations in France and an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

There’s something for everyone, with agricultural living in the Northeast, festivals in the Philippines, sights of Norway, a cenote in Mexico, relaxing vacation in Morocco, and adventures in Arizona.

You can also have a close encounter with a humpback whale in Antarctica, cuddle some friendly St. Bernards at a Swiss hotel, zipline in Costa Rica and see a prototype two-person personal submarine in Lake Tahoe, all in this month’s newest images:

New Images for June

Mountain biker jumping in bend of trail in forest

Our photographers caught the travel bug this month! You can travel around the world with us, from slack-line in Rio de Janeiro to desert exploration in Erg Chebbi, Morocco. Take a polar-plunge in Antarctica (or kayak if you prefer and see penguins) or swim in the warmer waters near Cinque Terre. Follow along as we pack-raft through Laos, stopping at villages that have to relocate due to dam construction along the way, ascend Kilimanjaro, rock-climb in Malta, or visit the Taj Mahal.

You can also meet a tobacco farmer, lobsterman, cowboy, Costa Rican tour guide, Icelandic ponies and an ibex in this month’s newest images:

New Images for April

JeanLouis Wertz on ropes in Apichavai 8a+. Venezuela expedition "jungle jamming" to Amuri tepuy and Tuyuren waterfalls, with Nicolas Favresse, Sean Villanueva, Stephane Hanssens and Jean louis Wertz. The team free climb to new climbingroutes on the Tepuy, which is 3 days of walk to the village of Yunek near Santa helena and the salto angel(canaima).Spring is here, and our photographers have been busy traveling and adventuring! From Nepal to Cappadocia, Alabama Hills to Slovenia, and everywhere in between, they’ve been capturing local culture and having fun!

In case you already miss the snow and cold, we’ve got skiing in Utah, Argentina and Norway, ice climbing in New Hampshire, and snowy scenes in Yosemite. For everyone else, there’s signs of spring and summer, and it’s time to get outside for your workouts. Maybe that’s using city structures as fitness equipment rather than obstacles, yoga in a field, or running (with or without beers in hand!) For traditionalists, we’ve got tons of outdoor activities: surfing, high-line, camping, hiking, sailing, canoeing, cycling, paddleboarding and a rock-climbing excursion to Venezuela!

See all that, plus a nosy heron and a lizard getting tickled, in this month’s curated gallery of outdoor imagery:

New Images for December

Professional Windsurfer Jumping Over The Waves Of The Faroe Islands

Holiday spirit is full blown, as December brings family and friends together for celebrations and introspective moments. Our photographers spent last month being thankful for the adventures they get to have in the outdoor world, as we have new images of skateboarders in Poland, skiers on top of mountains in Chile, mountain biking in Moab, exploring Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, camping in Alaska and discovering shells on the shore of Tasmania. If that’s not adventurous enough, there’s windsurfing off the Faroe Islands, snowmobiling in Vail, rescue techniques in Denali National Park, crack climbing in Utah and crossing over crevasses via ladders in Nepal.

You can travel around the globe, dig for clams, chill out and practice yoga or read a book by your tent, surrounded by nature. From sailing to caving, SUP boards to snow boards, northern Maine to Spain and everywhere in between, here is this month’s curated gallery of outdoor imagery: