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Unique and Powerful Portraiture from Novus Select

July 8th, 2011

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Select Photographer Stefen Chow in Time Magazine

July 6th, 2011

Stefen Chow / Aurora PhotosStefen Chow / Aurora PhotosStefen Chow / Aurora PhotosSelect Photographer Stefen Chow’s photographs of manufacturing workers in China were recently published in Time Magazine. The article goes in-depth about wage increases for workers in China and how companies are now outsourcing to different countries.

To view Stefen Chow’s portfolio, visit Aurora Select.
To view more images from Stefen Chow, visit Aurora Photos

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Corporate Assignment Offerings from Novus Select

June 29th, 2011

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Photographer Q&A with Woods Wheatcroft

June 27th, 2011

Woods Wheatcroft / Aurora Photos

Aurora Photos: Your images are playful and amusing, how do you stay creative and inspired?

Woods Wheatcroft: I consider myself a playful and amusing person…!! So basically if i just stay in touch with myself and surround myself with positive fun loving folk while i am shooting,  i usually come away with a frame or two that resonate and communicate this truth. I also keep a journal and have since i was 16.  The journals are my creative sounding board. Everything from shot ideas to colors to concepts i like are all pasted and penned into one book that i refer to often.

A.P: If you could go anywhere on assignment, where would you go?

W.W: Hmmmmm…Hold on…I’m going to go look at my atlas…Currently i am inspired to shoot big wide open spaces on this planet. Dry, arid,big planetary feel. So maybe the Aral Sea in Russian Republics, Atacama desert in Northern Chile, the Gobi…or the opposite…some bubbly warm tropical island in the remote South Pacific!!

A.P: We think your bike commuters series is great. Tell us a bit about your interest in the project.

W.W: My interest spawned in a collaboration with Peter Dennen. It has evolved into a nice personal project and one in which I am not out there amassing frames just for the sake of seeing how many people I can take pictures of that ride their bike. It’s has become a little more than that. I am searching out unique people, situations, and aiming to capture people who truly love their bicycle and the lifestyle that comes with it. And the fact that they use it as a substitute for an automobile is an added bonus…However, I do hope to continue to build the numbers and have the project increase the influence and importance of alternative transportation.  With gas prices rising again, I think the timing for pushing this idea out there is fine.  Also, National Bike to Work Week is the last week of this month…

Woods Wheatcroft / Aurora Photos

Woods Wheatcroft / Aurora Photos

To view more images from Woods Wheatcroft, visit Aurora Photos.

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Aurora Photographer Robert Gallagher for Italy’s Style

June 22nd, 2011

Aurora Photographer Robert Gallagher’s spread of Katherine Schwarzenegger was featured in Style magazine of Italy.

To view Robert Gallaghers Select portfolio, visit Aurora Select.
To view more images from Robert Gallagher, visit Aurora Photos.

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Photographer Q&A with Ryan Heffernan

June 20th, 2011

Kenyan marathon runners run in the high desert of Santa Fe, NM

Aurora Photos: You were recently featured in PDN’s 30 New and Emerging Photographers, can you describe briefly the steps you’ve taken to get to where you are today?

Ryan Heffernan: Building my career to date has been an adventure.

Its been a combination of constantly making images, finding mentors for constructive feedback, creating portfolios from bodies of work and trying to get that work in front of the right people in the industry.  I love it all and it certainly keeps me busy.

Being included in PDN’s 30 this year is a huge honor and has been a great opportunity for reaching a larger audience with my work.  Aurora has also been incredibly helpful in getting my work out in the world along with helping provide a marketing outlet for strong personal shoots.

A.P: Your portfolio ranges from photographing the Kenyan marathon runners to captureing a fantastic looking English Bulldog, how do you approach each shoot? Do you have any shoot that stands out among the rest?

R.H: I’ve been extremely fortunate to make a living photographing things that I love. Running and bulldogs fall right in there. I try to tell stories with my images and am constantly looking for interesting angles, using natural and artificial lighting, and utilizing post-processing when needed to push the image to create something beautiful.

A.P: In our highlighted shot of Kenyan marathon runners in the desert of Santa Fe, NM, can you describe how the project came together?

R.H: It started off as a personal project.  I was introduced to a group of Kenyan marathon runners in Santa Fe, NM through a fly fishing buddy who’s an avid runner.  The Kenyans were living in Santa Fe for 8 months out of the year, training and trying to win an income by running medium and large US marathons.  When winter came they would return Kenya to be with their families. They all were incredibly nice and excited about doing a photo shoot.  So we scouted some great locations in northern New Mexico and pulled the shoot together.  We’ve done a number of other shoots since and they’ve become good friends.

A portrait of a group of Kenyan marathon runners taking a break

To view more images from Ryan Heffernan, visit Aurora Photos.

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Aurora Photographer Robert Benson featured on

June 14th, 2011

Aurora Photographer Robert Benson’s photo of sailors and marines standing under a huge American flag was featured on today in honor of Flag Day in America.

To view more images from Robert Benson, visit Aurora Photos.

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Novus Select: The Graying of AIDS

June 7th, 2011

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Select Photographer Katja Heinemann featured on MSNBC

June 2nd, 2011

Aurora Select Photographer Katja Heinemann was featured on MSNBC for her continuing project “Graying of AIDS”. The two videos feature the process of aging while living with HIV/AIDS. “The Graying of AIDS” combines portraits and oral histories of long-term survivors living with HIV/AIDS with information to increase awareness, sensitivity, and collaboration among care-giving professionals. For more information please visit

To see Katja Heinemenn’s videos, visit MSNBC
To see images from Select Photographer Katja Heinemann, visit Aurora Photos.

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Clay McLachlan for Aurora Select: The Best of Food, Wine, and People

May 20th, 2011

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