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Peter Essick on Western Drought for National Geographic

The October 2014 issue of National Geographic features a story about western drought with photography by Aurora photographer Peter Essick. The story, called  "When the Snows Fail" is a look into the current state of the American West and their persistent droughts.
Fallow Land, near Avenal, California
According to National Geographic, "The story of the Central Valley of California is the story of much of the American West, and of other inhabited deserts around the world. We have altered the driest parts of California, Nevada, and Arizona to fulfill our ambitions, and for years we have been able to ignore their natural limits. Now a growing population and a changing climate are exposing those limits as never before."
essick 2
*The above images will be available for licensing in January 2015.
To read the story in National Geographic, click here.
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Au Volume 4: Imagery We’re Passionate About

Volume 4 of Aurora Photos' quarterly publication gets to the heart of Aurora and the photography we are passionate about: Athletes performing near-miraculous feats of strength, agility and daring; adventurers facing down steep challenges and batting the elements; the majesty of untamed beauty and the natural world; and exotic far away lands that capture the imagination. This is who we are. This is Aurora. Check it out here:

A woman on a swing on a dock.

Kiliii Fish and Whit Richardson for Canoe & Kayak

The June and July issues of Canoe & Kayak featured images by Aurora photographers Kiliii Fish and Whit Richardson.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.09.26 AM

June issue of Canoe & Kayak, photo by Kiliii Fish

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.09.42 AM

July issue of Canoe & Kayak, photo by Kiliii Fish

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.09.58 AM

July issue of Canoe & Kayak, photo by Whit Richardson

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Chris Schmid Featured by National Geographic

An image by Aurora photographer Chris Schmid is being featured in National Geographic's July issue as Editor's Choice. While Chris was in Brazil last year, he wanted to capture a unique view of the Criollo horses that showcased their brawny body and impressive audience. Getting the shot of the Gauchos herding the horses required him to leave his camera in a hole and fire remotely.

As Chris says, in response to a question National Geographic asked him: "I was very nervous about seeing my D3s flying in 1000 pieces by an horse step, but sometimes you need to take some risks to be able to share unique images with viewers. Otherwise we would see the same images around the world for years and years. Photography gives us the opportunity to capture a moment, so I think this moment should be THE MOMENT."

Criollo horses

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