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Corey Rich in Perfect Pushup Ad

Aurora Select photographer Corey Rich's image of Sara Ballantyne riding her bike in Moab, Utah is featured in an ad for Perfect Pushup in the newest issue of Bicycling Magazine. The photograph was originally shot for Rich’s book, My Favorite Place.  Members of Rich’s team report that, “Thanks to Perfect Pushup, not only do we have a fun, new client - now, everyone in the office has amazing pecs!”


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Callie Shell on Anderson Cooper 360° Tonight

Aurora photographer Callie Shell will be interviewed on CNN tonight during Anderson Cooper 360°.  Shell has been embedded with the Obama campaign for 2 years and had a unique perspective as the President Elect cast his ballot with his family on Election Day and later gave his victory speech at Grant Park in Chicago.  The episode will air live tonight, November 5th, 2008 at 10pm.  For more info, visit



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Aurora Photographers Featured on “Frontline: The Choice 2008” Airing Tonight on PBS

Aurora photographers Callie Shell, Heather Brand, Jay L. Clendenin and Scott Goldsmith will have images featured on Frontline: The Choice 2008 presented tonight on PBS. The two-hour program will explore the presidential race "that pits the iconoclast John McCain against the newcomer Barack Obama; the heroic former prisoner of war against the first African American major party nominee."  The personal and political pasts of these two men will be examined and illustrated with poignant photographs by these Aurora photographers, among others. Watch The Choice 2008 on PBS starting tonight, Tuesday, October 14th at 9pm EST or check your local listings for national rebroadcasts.  The program will also be streaming live and available on iTunes and YouTube beginning Wednesday, October 15th.  Click here for more info on how to download or watch online. For more information or to watch a preview, visit

9737500043.png Photo © Callie Shell / Aurora Photos


9893600006.png Photo © Heather Brand / Aurora Photos


9573800081.png Photo © Jay L. Clendenin / Aurora Photos


9899900012.png Photo © Scott Goldsmith / Aurora Photos

Aurora Select Photographer Katja Heinemann Contributes to Spelling Change

Aurora Select photographer Katja Heinemann contributed to the Spelling Change campaign, a fun, innovative movement designed to encourage people to vote.  The non-profit was created by New York artists, photographers and designers, and hopes to spread awareness and passion about the Obama campaign by creating images that help people spread the word about issues concerning them. Though Katja has lived in the US for 17 years, she was born and raised in Germany and will not be able to vote in November's election.  Katja never quite felt comfortable telling people who to vote for (in her German accent), so volunteering her time as a photographer felt like a great way to contribute  to an important cause.  Check out the interactive web site at


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