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Aurora Photographers Win PDN and Communication Arts Awards

Portraits of my ungulate neighbors. "Lizzie #1" (left) and "Xenia" (right) © Kevin Horan
The July issue of PDN showcased the 3rd annual Faces Contest Winners, and as usual, a solid showing of Aurora Photographers graced the pages. Kevin Horan's portrait series of goats and sheep took a spot under the Animals category. Jason Florio's amazing series called 930km African Odyssey photographing Alkalo (chief's) while on a walking journey around the circumference of The Gambia, West Africa received a nod in the Environmental section. Kevin Steele also was issued some ink under the Environmental category for a portrait of a rock climber while on a multi-day ascent up El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. And last but not least, Woods Wheatcroft found his way into the Environmental category with a self portrait created while throwing his camera high above his head and having the shutter click mid-air. Pick up the July issue of PDN and check out all the winners in print.
In 2009 I spent six weeks walking entirely around the circumference of The Gambia, West Africa, a 930 kilometer journey. Each night I would present myself to the Alkalo (chief) of the village, and in exchange for his/her hospitality I would make a portrait of him/her and present them with a print before I left the next morning. The name for this giving of gifts to a chief while on a journey in The Gambia is called a "Silafando." © Jason Florio
Kevin Brown, 2,600 feet above the treetops, drinks water near the end of a multi-day ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley, California. © Kevin Steele
"Toss, Click, Catch" self-portrait created on a California beach while shooting on location for KAVU Inc., a Seattle-based apparel company. © Woods Wheatcroft
Also freshly in print, a nod needs to be given to new Aurora photographer Myles McGuinness for nailing a Communications Arts Award in their Photo Annual 51 edition. The image captures a surfer floating on a longboard next to a pier waiting for the next wave to roll in.

Solo by the Pier. Punk-rock surfer Jill Hansen floats on a longboard next to the pier waiting for a wave. © Myles McGuinness