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Pete’s Picks, November and December 2010

Aurora’s Director of Photography Peter Dennen picks his favorite of the new Aurora submissions each month. These are his picks from November and December 2010.

First row: Andy Richter, Brian Fitzgerald, Chris Linder, Chris Ross
Second row: Claudine Doury, Earl Harper, Jonathan Hanson, JR
Third row: Pietro Paolini, Sean Davey, Todd Korol, Winky Lewis

To see more work from these photographers click on the names above.

To view Pete’s Picks in a Lightbox, click here or to view as a slide show, click here.

Lucas Gilman Featured by Nik Software

Aurora photographer Lucas Gilman was recently featured on the Nik Software website. Here’s what they had to say, “To call photographer Lucas Gilman a “world traveler” might be inaccurate, or at the very least, incomplete…. Gilman goes to the kinds of places that take five days to get to, arriving at the nearest airport, taking a Jeep as far as the roads can go, then hiking into depths of jungle, out over plains of ice, down treacherous river waterfalls, and into the farthest reaches of the globe.”