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Jon Lowenstein wins World Press Award

Chicago South Side Jon Lowenstein's amazing work about Chicago's South Side neighborhood, that recently won second place in World Press Photo competition for daily life photo story. Here's what Jon has to say: The South Side of Chicago's once proud industrial communities fell onto hard times during the 1970s and 1980s, changing from thriving working class communities to places far removed from local and federal resources, rife with unemployment, poverty, drugs and gang violence. Despite this adversity, many residents have held on and guard deep feelings of affection for their communities. More recently, though, another challenge has reared its head. Residents in each of these communities face the very real possibility of being displaced from the communities they love because they can no longer afford to live there. See Jon's winning essay here

Beth Wald wins the Galen Rowell Award

wald adventure San Francisco, CA--Aurora photographer Beth Wald was aptly awarded the Galen Rowell Award for the Art of Adventure by the Rowell Legacy Committee. Wald belongs to that rarified club of photographers who can shuffle lenses, change film and see beautiful compositions in extreme conditions. The Rowell Award for the Art of Adventure honors “that adventurer whose artistic passion illuminates the wild places of the world, and whose accomplishments significantly benefit both the environment and the people who inhabit these lands and regions.” “I can think of no one more fitting for this award than Beth Wald,” said longtime friend and owner of Extreme Connection, Ann Krcik. “Beth has traveled and photographed around the globe, from the Arctic to the tip of South America, from Pakistan to Cuba, and from the icy Himalayan peaks to the stifling heat of East Africa’s Great Rift Valley. She’s an amazing person and talented photographer.” Continue reading Beth Wald wins the Galen Rowell Award