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Whooping Crane reintroduction, Direct Autumn Release

Tom Lynn Photograph Wins PDN’s Great Outdoors Competition

Aurora photographer Tom Lynn was recently named one of the winners for PDN’s Great Outdoors Competition. Tom’s photograph of whooping cranes won in the “Plants, Animals, Insects & Gardens” category.

The image captures early morning light greeting whooping cranes at the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge in Wisconsin. Staff at the International Crane Foundation raise whooping cranes in costume so there will be no human imprint before their release during the Direct Autumn Release (DAR) whooping crane reintroduction program. 

To see the Winner’s Gallery, visit PDN here.

To see more work by Tom Lynn, visit the Aurora Photos website here.


Introducing Au Vol. 3

AuVol3_650_01 AuVol3_650_02

Au vol. 3 is a celebration and exploration of our relationship with the natural world. Whether we’re searching and discovering new adventures, making order out of perceived chaos, or challenging ourselves to ascend to new heights, we are all seeking to better understand our place in the vastness of our world. Some of us make new connections by swimming with gentle giants, others with fearsome predators. We are surprised b the mystery of sea stars washed up on a frozen Antarctic beach, and fascinated by the frenzy of a bee hive. We take in the quiet beauty from below, and risk it all to climb the highest peaks. This collection of imagery from Aurora Photos examines our intersections with the natural world from all angles and perspectives. Enjoy!

Check it out here!

Robert van Waarden’s ‘Along the Pipeline’ Fundraising Campaign

Aurora photographer Robert van Waarden recently began his first crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding is an innovative way for photographers and creatives to fund projects and Robert  is looking for supporters that believe that culture and art have an important role to play in building a better world. His project is titled ‘Along the Pipeline’ and uses photography as a medium to portray the downfalls of the proposed Energy East pipeline.

Robert van Waarden

Near the route on the Ontario/Quebec border

Robert said of the project, “I believe that storytelling and photography have a key role to play in building a thriving future. I also know that people react to personal stories and if that connection is made it can inspire more people to action. That is why this project is not just about the beautiful landscape of Canada that is under threat from this pipeline and our continuous fossil fuel driven economy, but about the people that will be impacted.”

The pipeline would transport a million barrels of diluted bitumen a day from the oil sands of Alberta to St. John. It would cross hundreds of waterways and drinking water supplies and would be responsible for greenhouse gas emissions that would equal 7 million new cars on the road.

‘Along the Pipeline’ is a journey along the route to share the untold story of what the pipeline will really mean for Canadians and First Nations. How will they be impacted, what do they value, and what does the future of Canada look like to them? When finished, the resulting exhibit will allow people to recognize themselves and their communities in the faces of others and realize that they are not alone.

When asked why he got involved in the project, he said: “I lived in the Netherlands for about 5 years and returned to Canada, my country of birth, late last year. Along the Pipeline is the first project I have begun since moving back and I am very excited to be working on an issue based in Canada. I was driven to work on this project because I know what was at stake if it is approved.”

Robert is trying to raise $10,000 for funding basic items like transportation, fuel, food and an assistant. Please visit to donate to this project.

To learn more about the project and to watch a video by Robert, click here

To see more photography by Robert van Waarden, visit the Aurora Photos website here

Limited Edition Photo Book by Christopher Herwig Available on Kickstarter

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 4.02.49 PM

Photographs of Soviet bus stops, done by Aurora photographer Christopher Herwig, recently attracted considerable interest around the world, and now for the first time, are available in book-form. Copies of  Herwig’s new photo book “Soviet Bus Stops” are available on Kickstarter for the next two weeks. Herwig is seeking support to “immortalize this incredible modern art form.”

Herwig tells of his experience with Soviet bus stops: “Ever since stumbling upon them while biking to St. Petersburg in 2002 I have been hunting bus stops in remote corners of the former Soviet Union. I have covered more than 30,000 km by car, bus and taxi in 13 countries documenting these wonderfully strange works of art, created behind the Iron Curtain.”

The bus stops show the range of public art from the Soviet era and give a rare glimpse into the creative minds of the time. Huffington Post calls the book “fascinating” and Bears and vodka write that it is a “delicate balance between modern art and clinical insanity.” The photographs are accompanied by research from Moscow-based journalist Slava Kuzminsky.

Soviet Bus Stops

Soviet Bus Stops

Soviet Bus Stops

To order the book and to see a video on the project, click here

To see more work by Christopher Herwig, visit the Aurora Photos website here