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Callie Shell Photos Appear in TIME

Photos of Barack Obama by Aurora photographer Callie Shell appeared in Time Magazine during the first week of June. Callie has been following the Obama campaign for two years. The first photo shows Senator Obama and Senator Clinton having a quiet discussion one day after the final Democratic primaries. The second photo shows Senator Obama and his wife, Michelle, surrounded by close aides and advisers as he prepares to go onstage before his victory speech in St. Paul, Minn. Photos and caption information from,8599,1811832,00.html and,8599,1811857,00.html Callie Shell Obama Callie Shell Obama

Heather Brand in Paris Match

Aurora photographer Heather Brand, who has been following the John McCain campaign, was published in the May 28th issue of Paris Match. She has been covering the McCain campaign since September. Additional photos of Heather's coverage can be found at: McCain Paris Match McCain Paris Match McCain Paris Match

Aurora Select’s Todd Korol In Time

Aurora Select photographer Todd Korol photographed for Time Magazine one of North America's richest and biggest resource deposits: Alberta oil sands. Time Magazine reports that with a push from Exxon, Alberta's tar sands are poised to increase oil production to Saudi-like levels. Todd documents the mining of the precious sand at Syncrude Canada Ltd., one of the biggest companies digging for oil in North America.
Information, quotes and photos from TIME Magazine:,9171,1808610-2,00.html
Well-Oiled Machine Well-Oiled Machine Well-Oiled Machine

Justin Maxon named 2007 Student Photographer of the Year

Aurora photographer and San Francisco State student Justin Maxon was chosen as the 2007 Student Photographer of the Year by contest judges from The New York Times photo staff. The judges felt that Justin Maxon's portfolio demonstrated a clearly defined style and vision that was the most mature and refined of all the entries. These judges are not alone in their praise of Maxon's work. He recently won numerous awards in the 62nd College Photographer of the Year contest; First Place in Daily Life singles in the 51st World Press Photo Contest; Best Student Portfolio and First Place in the Portrait category from The Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar's 2007 contest; Student Photographer of the Year from the San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographer's Association; Second Place in the "Enterprise Picture Story" category in the Best of Photojournalism 2008 contest; and won second place in The 2008 Alexia Competition. (Information, images and quotes from Images from Justin Maxon’s winning portfolio