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Staff’s Summer Activities

Memorial Day weekend marks the opening of Maine to the outside world, and summer is right around the corner. There's a reason tourism is one of our state's biggest industries! Aurora's staff weighed in on some of our favorite things to do during this beautiful, but fleeting, season.

Jose Azel, President & Founder:

  • Harvesting veggies from the garden
  • Driving my BMW with the top down, wind gently ruffling my hair
  • Swimming in Kezar Lake

Rachel Buckley, Production Coordinator:

  • Lobster boat races in Stonington, ME, which include a rope swing (YAY!) and eel infested lake (BOO!)
  • Music Festivals and Fairs…hello NKOTB and Counting Crows! What can I say, I am eclectic
  • 4th of July parties on Cape Cod

Sarah Cotter, Account Executive:

  • Outdoor concerts
  • Wearing flip flops instead of boots!
  • Beach Days

Jim MacKay, Account Executive:

  • Catching the Jason Spooner Band at Portland Lobster Company
  • Bustins Island offshore Closest to the Pin Competition
  • Winter Harbor Lobster Festival
Karl Schatz, Director:

Larry Westler, Content Director:

  • Riding my bike down Eastern Promenade trail just before sunset, looking for woodchucks.
  • Outdoor beers at one of the many, MANY delicious local breweries
  • Exploring the coast of Maine; one of my favorite new places is Popham Beach State Park.