New Images for August

Milky way on dark sky over person climbing on rock, California, USA Happy August! July was a celebration for blueberries, nation wide, but unfortunately, August is the dreaded month-before-school-starts. Skip all those annoying back-to-school commercials and check out some visual inspiration with us instead! Our photographers (and a plucky red squirrel) got in their vehicles and traveled around this month, bringing you images of kayaking and mountaineering in Banff and snorkeling in St. John, a safari getaway with lions, zebras and rhinos (Oh My?) in Namibia and surfing in Indonesia, tourist destinations in France and an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. There's something for everyone, with agricultural living in the Northeast, festivals in the Philippines, sights of Norway, a cenote in Mexico, relaxing vacation in Morocco, and adventures in Arizona. You can also have a close encounter with a humpback whale in Antarctica, cuddle some friendly St. Bernards at a Swiss hotel, zipline in Costa Rica and see a prototype two-person personal submarine in Lake Tahoe, all in this month’s newest images: