Joel Addams featured on the cover of AAA Living


"Most travelers and outdoor photographers are familiar with famed National Parks around southern Utah, including Bryce Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef.  Zion National Park is particularly heavily trafficked in the front country where some interesting formations and massive cliffs exist.  The area is really known for its slot canyons in the backcountry, or something in-between a large canyon and a slot, such as the The Narrows.  While visitors can simply start walking up the river (which takes up much of the width of the canyon) where it enters the front country, a great one or two-day hike can be had by hiking down the long canyons after being dropped off in the backcountry.  I was hiking with a few friends and the huge red rock of the canyon walls makes for some pretty dramatic scenery.  The trail crosses the river time after time, and I had my friend stop at one of these crossings and hold very still.  On a tripod, I could allow a longer shutter speed to force the water to flow in the image, and if she remained very still, then she also remained sharp in the image.  The human element, I felt, gave the image a sense of scale and also makes people realize that they too can go enjoy some great outdoors in southern Utah." --Joel Addams

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