Sean Arbabi’s Newest Book: The Complete Guide to Nature Photography

We recently caught up with Aurora contributor Sean Arbabi about his new book The Complete Guide to Nature Photography (Amphoto/ Random House). It's packed with over 230 images in 10 chapters covering the gamut of outdoor photography. Here's what he had to say about it: Aurora Photos: What was your favorite part about creating this book? Sean Arbabi: I enjoyed the entire process- organizing all the material and creating the structure of the book, adding as much information from my knowledge and experience in the field, and writing and editing for 7-8 months.  It's fun to go through so many images I've captured over the years and figure out which work best to illustrate my points - and then to head out and shoot new ones to fill in the gaps.  But probably my favorite part is when I receive the first copy hot off the presses - seeing all my hard work, designed and bound into its final form to sell in stores.  And when I begin to read emails from people around the world who purchased and read the book, receiving all the positive feedback on how it helped them with their photography, that's pretty rewarding. AP: Who would you recommend it to - amateurs, professionals, both? SA: My book is for anyone interested in producing better photography of nature, landscapes, wildlife, and macro scenes.  It's probably geared more toward beginner and intermediate amateurs, but I've had advanced amateurs pick it up and mention they learned a bunch as well.  I had a big challenge to truly make it the complete guide to nature photography, so if that's what you are into, this is the book for you. AP: What background did you bring to the project? SA: I've been a full-time pro outdoor photographer the past twenty years, have shot for over thirty years, and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this project.  I also take great pride in being well organized, capturing dynamic high-quality images, making the material I'm writing about clear and concise, and explaining it in a step-by-step process to truly help people advance with their photography - and that makes for a great book. I think I accomplished this with my first book, The BetterPhoto Guide to Exposure, and feel The Complete Guide to Nature Photography is just as good if not better.  And finally, I not only write about technical ways to improve, and ideas for various techniques to use, but I also add my philosophical approach to the artform -- to me, just as important as any aspect in nature photography.

Check out Sean's website here for information on where to purchase all of his books (including international locations). To view more images by Sean Arbabi  click here.