Au Volume 5: Embracing the Winter

Cold. Ice. Snow. Lots of #*&%$! snow. It’s been a record setting winter up here in the northeast corner of the US. Most people are sick and tired of all the snow at this point. Here at Aurora? We love the snow. We embrace the snow. Cold? You betcha. Love it. You know why? No cold, no snow. So rather than curl up in a ball and wait for spring, we’re doubling down on winter in Au Volume 5. It’s about blizzards and frozen beards, airborne snowboards and subzero temps. It’s about Aurora photographers battling against extreme conditions, conquering the cold, and bringing back the best winter shots imaginable. Let it snow.

Aurora Introduces Premium RF


Aurora Photos, an independent stock photography archive focused on providing the best imagery in the categories of active lifestyle, outdoor adventure, nature’s beauty, and remote travel, is excited to announce Aurora’s Premium RF, a new royalty-free collection of stock photography, curated for quality and presented for licensing with simplified, 2-tier pricing.

There are two prices available for end users to choose from: A highest resolution 50+ mb image for $500, or a smaller 3 mb size that is priced at $250. The curated collection gives image buyers looking for superior outdoor and active lifestyle images a collection of some of the best available in the marketplace, ready to be licensed simply.

Aurora’s Premium Collection establishes a quality bar that lives up to the name “Premium.”

“The word ‘premium’ is definitely over-used and misused in our industry as a description of images and collections,” explains Aurora founder and CEO José Azel. “We want to reclaim a truer definition of the word. A definition that relies on the highest standards and achieved through curation, something that Aurora has always stood for.”

“Quality must fetch a higher price.” Azel continues, “You should expect to pay more for something that is truly quality. Setting a minimum price for this collection is a great way to define the quality and cost equation. In addition, having two simple and reasonable prices creates a cost ceiling that appeals to image buyers and a minimum price that appeals to image creators.”

This exclusive collection is curated from new images, as well as images from existing Aurora rights managed and royalty free collections, and from both recent and long-established contributing photographers.

“This collection is bringing established photographers back to stock photography, making images available to clients that might otherwise never be available for licensing,” says Aurora’s Director Karl Schatz. “It’s exciting for us to see photographers so enthusiastic about getting new images into Aurora and Premium RF.”

Clients offered a sneak peak at the collection like what they see. Josh Lewis of Momentum Interactive in Aspen, Colorado says, “The photos are amazing, and I love the super simple pricing. I will definitely keep the Premium RF Collection at the top of my list for future projects.”

For more information about Aurora Photos Premium RF collection visit:

or contact:
207.828.8787 x300

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